This Tuesday, Microsoft will unveil its Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Most Windows users have been forced to upgrade to Windows 10 by now, but some of them, like this reporter, keep fighting for the only phase of the software compatible with their refurbished laptop. windows 10

The free Windows 10 update includes two major security innovations sure to improve the security of the operating system: Windows Hello, engineered for apps and websites, and the more all-encompassing Windows Defender.

Enterprises working under Microsoft operating systems will receive Windows Advanced Threat Protection, which is able to detect, investigate and respond to even advanced malicious attacks on networks. The improvement comes along with Windows Information Protection, or WIP, known previously as “enterprise data protection.” Both new software updates have been made with recent hacking epidemics in mind; businesses large and small are on the look out for ways to protect themselves from malware more than ever, especially given the rampage that ransomware has carried out on a variety of organizations.

According to Laura DiDio, research director at Strategy Analytics, Microsoft “has done a very creditable and admirable job of paying attention to security- secure by design, secure by default, secure in implementation, and secure in storage… Now, they’re making it much more usable.”update

The Anniversary Update will also extend the Windows Hello biometric authentication feature in the browser using FIDO and make it possible for users to access apps like Dropbox password-free. This will come along with new password-syncing features that make Cortana apps accesible on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Mobile.

Those valuing security and easy access won’t be the only ones satisfied with the Windows Anniverary update; a host of other programs are being improved. These include Windows Ink, which will allow users to complete tasks with new tools like a digital pen with ink-specific features. Cortana will appear above the lockscreen, making her accessible without unlocking whatever device. Microsoft Edge will come with an updated browser that has more power-saving improvements as well as helpful additions like Edge Extensions “Pin It” button and AdBlock. Gamers will be able to use Cortana commands for Xbox One and select any supported language regardless of their location.

Finally, the new Windows Anniversary update will make it possible for users that are teachers to simplify the methodology behind their PC deployment. Teachers can set up multiple devices without required dedicated IT support due to simplified, step-by-step instructions now available using Cortana. Schools that have IT support will be able to set up shared devices in bulk by rapidly using the updated Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer tool. Even this tool will be used easily by first-timers using Google and other how-to information sources.

All in all, the update promises to make Windows a usable operating system with a friendlier, more common-sense interface that anyone can feel comfortable with, an area where they’ve always found stiff competition with Apple. 

Ontop of that, users will enjoy increased security and improved tools for a wide spectrum of tasks. The Anniversary Update will likely be enjoyed by anyone who wasn’t forced to upgrade to Windows 10 before realizing that their computer wouldn’t work with it and then having to pirate Windows 8 again, which should have been free anyway. top

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