On this most recent Tuesday Microsoft announced the plans to unveil a version of its dynamic database production SQL Server 2016 for Linux which should be an important innovation in the history of computers.

Scott Guthrie, executive vice president for Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise group said this week that “Bringing SQL Server to Linux is another way we are making our products and new innovations more accessible to a broader set of users and meeting them where they are,” not to mention that this will be able to relieved a consistent data platform with access across through and yes you guess it over the SQL Server and Linux. also on premises he noted. An insider goes on to note that.” Customers will be able to build and deploy more of their applications on a single data management and business analythmmic platform,” that person is Jennifer Reynolds.

Customers also can be allowed to leverage their existing tools talented and resourceful for more of throe applications the company has long since noted. one major comment could consider that With Microsoft bringing SQL Server to Linux, enterprises will be able to further integrate disparate platforms to deliver on the promise of the hybrid cloud, while increasing the choice that developers, customers and partners have as open source continues to form the foundation of the platforms of the future It’s about capturing opportunities on Linux servers that Microsoft today doesn’t have any offerings for,” said Mike Ferris, Red Hats director of business architecture.

A fair number of Microsoft shops aren’t pure Microsoft anymore, so increasingly companies that are deploying Linux in their infrastructure have had to look for a mixed database environment. Microsoft is trying to solve that for them,” Gold said.

This could amount to what some could refer to as a coup for Linux on the market and very much the technology and superiority of the field at hand when we consider what this announcement will mean for 2 months form now but 2 years from now when the vagueness and ambiguity of the actions we put forth today will be felt and we will know if this was some kind of fun experiment wherein men shot in the dark at a reality for tomorrow or will be we there and know we did good.

One person has said  on this potential coup that “There was data1a large internal battle over whether applications should be decoupled from Windows. Now they realize they have to be more flexible in a changing environment,” he told Linux insider.

This may very well be the case but we will see that we don’t really know and should also consider what IDC’s gillen noted It gives Linux even more credibility than it already has,”If Microsoft is convinced that Linux is a platform that needs to be supported, what does that say about Linux? It says it’s a respected and powerful platform.” this is an interesting take on the issue at hand and may prove to be more efficient for the research in time spent as well as output and function.



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