Lawyers often get a bad reputation. In fact they probably have the worst reputations of any working profession on Earth. They are seen as slimy and conniving. This next development is not going to help their case in this regard. The ROSS system has neither the quality of being slimy nor conniving because it is an artificial intelligence. However, the implementation of it to be used in real law cases is a scary president because the thing that we are going for which is justice, a human convention and quality is not being cooped by a system that does not seek justice or what is right, rather it has one goal, win the case at all costs. This is not to say that lawyers were not following this same line of reasoning forever, but it was a little more subtle before hand. For instance this thing has the ability to look up an obscure court ruling from 13 years ago, and ROSS will not only search for the case in an instants without contest or complaint, it will also look up and offer in plain language what the ruling meant and how it can me used. This is bothersome because what was once seen as quality that was relieve to humans and their context or time is now a very objective black and white en devour that that has taken the soul from what we hold most dear in our society. Computing has penetrated nearly every corner of the market today. Image result for ai

The ROSS system takes advantage of the super computer powered by IBM that is called Watson to go though huge batches of data and over time it can learn how to best serve its users.

“Judges decisions are written in everyday language and not issued in columns and rows, which is what current computer systems digest best,” Andre Agular.

the real test is going to be building ROSS and finding a way to make it as intuitive as an actual colleague. The way people take about this is troubling and it raises the questions of what should be the role of humans in the 22 century. It is quickly becoming the case that we are outsourcing so many of the jobs help by people such as truck driving and factory automation to be done by computers and machines. True they can do it cheaper and  more efficient but can they do it better? quality the aim of all human en devours that separates us and uniquely defines us is now something of little importance in our society today given this infatuation. 

We need to consider what it will look like when intellectual en devours are now taken over by artificial intelligence and whether or not we want that. I am of the mind that I honestly cannot see any benefit to such an effort, and that when we take the people out of everything that is desirably human, whats left? We treat this as an inevitably but we don’t have to, why not resist and put forth good legislation for the rights of man before it is too late.


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