There is a gentleman by the name of Sir Terry Matthews who made an immense fortune in the tech sector with a line of companies that included Mitel Corp, Corel Corp, and of coarse New bridge Networks, which he sold in the blockbuster sale of 2000 for $7 billion in stock. Today Sir Terry sets his site on his roots, and is returning to Wales for what he believes may be his greatest challenge and potential for money. So the stakes are high, to say the least.

This venture is to act as a kind of voodoo doctor and rise the long deceased British steel industry from the grave and help rebuild an industry that has laid dormant for well over a quarter century. How is he going to do this you may ask? His plan is simple: provide the steel industry with big data, and tech relevant infrastructure like the world has never seen, and provide a superior product through tech quality control of an industry that is extremely antiquated in how they go about the actually manufacturing process from raw material thorough the production of usable structural building members. They are also ensuring a complete security overhaul. asdfasdf

Sir Terry has created Excalibur Steel UK Ltd. and he’s finishing up rounds of investment to buy the floundering Tata steel mill in Port Taibot near Swansea. Tata has been the only player in England to put up the British operations for sale in March, the reason being that the division (which includes three steel making facilities) were all painfully inefficient. The Port Talbot plant was the largest and employed upwards of 15,000 people directly.

The biggest roadblock for any buyer in this regard is merely the length of time that is required to execute an acquisition of this scale. For instance, the integrated plant, which makes strip steel used in auto manufacturing construction and appliances, is outdated and losing a whopping 2 million dollars a day by some accounts. Energy costs are twice as high as other places in Europe and steel prices have plummeted because of oversupply from China.

“I’ve never been one to shy away from some kind of fight,” Said Sir Terry to his investors. He got the capital to ensure upwards of 200 million dollars in initial investments. The interesting thing is that the actual equipment they got for that price tap could fit into a semi truck or 2. It’s really not very much when you consider what is implied when you say you are going to reboot a steel mill. What they are really getting with that price tag is RnD, and a lot of it. They are going to overhaul the entire computing system and by taking in a huge amount of variables from thousands of adsfasdfasdfasdfsources across the world, they believe they are going to be able to make this a much or profitable ventures.

This is going to be one of the most 180 approaches to an already established industry, but you can rest assured that if this pays off as most of Sir Terry’s ventures do, then there will be many more who follow suit.

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